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Dog Getting Groomed

Grooming Classes

:: Very Much Under Construction ::

Nail Trim Classes


Group Class held on Wednesdays :: $50 per person, nail clippers included.

Learn about the anatomy of a dog's nail, grooming tools, and proper handling techniques to be able to clip and file your dog's nails at home like a professional! A 30 minute lecture and demonstration will be followed by time for each participant to trim their own dog's nails on a grooming table. We understand that hearing about techniques and seeing them done on a well-behaved dog are not the same as trying them at home. Each dog and individual's needs are unique and we aim to treat them as such.


Dogs will be allowed in the salon during the lecture as long as they can maintain their composure and remain quiet. All dogs MUST be on a leash at all times. Loud or disruptive dogs will be placed in a kennel or asked to remain in the car until your one on one time with the instructor.

Classes by Breed


Group Classes held on Fridays once a month:

Every month a different breed will be showcased in this 2-3 hour class. You will have the opportunity to learn from an industry professional how to create a stylized haircut. 

Private Lessons


Private lessons are available on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year.

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